Dental Laser TreatmentIf you’re suffering from tooth decay or gum disease, you might benefit from laser dental treatment. This type of oral health care uses energy in the form of light to perform various diagnostic and surgical procedures both quickly and effectively. At Brite Smile Dental, with two locations in San Diego, including the Sorrento Valley area, the team regularly uses laser dental techniques to improve their patients’ oral health and well-being. Make your appointment today by calling the offices or clicking the provided scheduling link.

What is Laser Dental Treatment?

Laser dental treatment utilizes advanced technology, employing lasers for a range of dental procedures. The term “laser” refers to Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This cutting-edge approach is applicable to both hard and soft tissue procedures in dentistry. By emitting a concentrated beam of light energy, lasers allow for precise targeting of specific tissues. Experience the difference of laser-powered oral health care – where cutting-edge technology meets time-tested effectiveness for over 30 years!

Laser Dental Treatment provides an array of benefits compared to traditional oral surgery techniques. For example, laser dentistry is generally more comfortable, presents less risk of infection, and boasts quicker recovery times.

How Many types of Dental Laser Treatment are there?

Laser Treatment for Dental is split into two separate categories:

Hard tissue procedures

Hard tissue laser dentistry addresses problems with your teeth. The team of dentists in San Diego at Brite Smile Dental regularly uses hard tissue laser dentistry to:

  • Detect cavities
  • Kill harmful bacteria
  • Treat tooth sensitivity

They might also recommend laser dentistry to pinpoint tooth damage caused by bruxism (teeth grinding).

Soft tissue procedures

Soft tissue laser dentistry addresses problems that affect your gums, tongue, and other soft structures in your mouth. The team at Brite Smile Dental might recommend a soft tissue procedure to:

  • Treat a “gummy” smile
  • Perform a frenectomy
  • Remove soft tissue folds

They might also recommend a soft tissue procedure to perform crown lengthening, a process that reshapes your gum tissue for improved oral health.

What is laser gum treatment?

Laser gum treatment is a relatively new branch of laser dentistry focused on treating gingivitis, periodontitis, and severe gum recession. Compared to traditional surgical techniques, laser gum treatment is less painful, easier to recover from, and presents much less bleeding. In addition, laser gum treatment prevents further infection by eliminating the bad bacteria in and around your gums.

Will I need to take any medication after laser gum treatment?

Sometimes laser gum treatment isn’t enough to eradicate an infection. If the Brite Smile Dental team determines that you can benefit from extra assistance, they might recommend an antibiotic like Arestin® or Atridox®. Your dentist applies these medications locally, using premeasured cartridges. Both antibiotics provide similar results and help your gum tissue heal more quickly.

Thanks to laser dental treatment, undergoing oral surgery is easier, safer, and generally more effective. If you’re interested in seeing if you qualify for this type of treatment, call the office or click the online booking tool and make an appointment at Brite Smile Dental today.

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